Master Craftsman

Situated in the misty hills of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, you will find Dave Lincoln, an internationally renowned master craftsman with a passion for detail, a love for leather and over forty years of experience in the field.

Over the years, bespoke hand-stitched leather products have been commissioned for many uses – from fashion in the city to survival in the wilderness. Whatever you require, a finely crafted Lincoln Leather product will last!

Examples of work routinely requested:craft5
• Belts
• Wallets
• Purses
• Bags
• Briefcases
• Pouches
• Document folders
• Book and album covers
• Pistol and rifle holsters
• Rifle cases
• Knife and sword scabbards
• Cartridge belts
• Cartridge slides
• Archery equipment

While the examples of leather products on this website are shown in elephant hide; buffalo hide and cow hide, work is undertaken to clients’ specifications in material stipulated. All material is ethically and legally sourced.


Commission your own meticulously crafted, unique and bespoke product.

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